The Only Thing I May Still Love More Than Writing

There’s something about going into the gym, giving everything you’ve got plus a whole lot more and leaving knowing you’re better than when you came in.

For many the gym is an exercise of daily stress relief and personal growth. For others, it’s thirty minutes between work, it’s a late night lift after studying, or an early morning cardio session before getting to the office. For me, it is a habitual part of my being. Without the gym, I’m not so certain I would even be who I am, where I am. The gym has been an outlet for me to grow in an area when others lacked. When life bullied me, the weights always let me waltz in and bully them.

I wrote an article on Thought Catalog that I shall link at the bottom of this blurb if you’ve the interest to take a peek called “Why The Gym is The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have” and I’d like to quote one line that fully summarizes my appreciation for the gym. I love the gym because I know the gym will never wake up, tell me it doesn’t love me anymore and walk out of my life.

Everyday, as I improve my craft, I feel my unabashed adoration for writing increasing and one day it might overtake the gym. But not today. The gym, to me, is still the first and foremost place I can go to temporarily forget the problems of the world and grow physically and mentally.  The prospect of exchanging real world problems for a couple hundred pounds is an easy one.

I think writing a novel and improving yourself in the gym are not too dissimilar. It’s a long term investment. You won’t see the finish line right away and there are going to be bumps in the road. A lot of them. There are days you’re going to want to quit and there are days you will quit, at least for a little while. Maybe in the gym I am writing a novel. Every day I go and sculpt a new page, forge a new chapter. I like the sound of that.

If you are interested, the article I penned is here:

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