52 Weeks, 52 Books. Let’s do it.

I’d like to predicate this post with this little tidbit of information: I don’t believe that you need to wait until the first of the year to make any type of personal change in your life. However, I take opportunity every new calendar year to make a minute change, to truly help signify the coming of the new year. This year it’s all about reading.

I read a statistic somewhere that said if you read a single book a week from your eighteenth birthday until your eightieth birthday, you will still not have read one tenth of one percent of everything that has been written.  That means the odds are against me in getting to read everything I want before I finally call it quits. So this year, I shall elect to read one book per week for every single week. And I’m even going to get a head start by starting and finishing a book in the final week of this year.

So to enhance my reading pallet, as well as this blog experience, I’ll be keeping a list of the books I start, my initial thoughts on them as well as a final miniature review after I finish them!

Today, Christmas Day, I received the book “Rising Sun” by Robert Conroy and it’s the first alternate fiction I’ve ever read. For those of you not in the know, alternate fiction is a genre where actual historical events are taken and changed with (most often times) historically plausible ideas (what if Julius Caesar hadn’t been assassinated, what if Napoleon won at Waterloo) and follows fictional characters who often lurk in the shadow of bigger and historically accurate characters.

Conroy’s book “Rising Sun” asks the question: “What if the United States lost at the Battle of Midway?” The Imperial Japanese Navy gains the initiative and the United States is on the defensive. I love the premise, because the Pacific Theater is a personal favorite of mine as a student of all things historical. The main character Tim Dane is a lowly ranking lieutenant in the command staff of Admiral Spruance, so we get a taste of the action without ever feeling too far from it.

I’m off to a good start, and I won’t spoil the book but I shall give a miniature review on the seventh day when I finally finish the book. Ca va!

2 thoughts on “52 Weeks, 52 Books. Let’s do it.

    1. I wasn’t even sure anyone was reading this! Hahaha! You know, I’ve heard his name mentioned before so I think your comment is going to incite me to go find one of his books and add it to my pile.

      I followed you both on Twitter and WordPress. Thanks, Mark!


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