What 2015 Means to Me

There will be time for reflection, but that is neither here nor there. Instead, I like to look ahead to tomorrow, to the future and lay out a few goals here on the last day of the calendar year so that perhaps 365 days from now I might be able to look back at these very words and nod in the satisfaction of having accomplished them.

The first is that I will graduate college, the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelors degree. College has been the most awesome, stressful, crazy, wonderful experience of my life but I am woefully ready to wipe my hands of the whole thing. My freshman year was a roller coaster of the most wild design and because of that I’ve joined the five year club as far as my achieving my degree goes. Graduating college will be an immense achievement in my family, as I’ll only be the third person since my family immigrated from the Soviet Union in the 1950’s to get a degree from a higher learning institution.

The second great undertaking I intend to accomplish is to publish a novel. I’ve been in love with the written words and the characters I’ve conjured up but I’ve never pursued the penultimate first novel that is the bane of most aspiring writers existence. A thousand blessings upon House Wendig, for Chuck Wendig’s book the “Kick Ass Writer” has kick started me into beginning the process. More on him in a bit. I’d rather have a bad novel, a novel not even worth publishing, than no novel at all. I’m disappointed that I was unable to do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month; November), because I was literally unaware of it’s existence until Christmas! My novel has been started. It will be finished.

The third thing I’d like to do is say thanks, as we enter the new year. I’m going to mention some people you’ve never heard of or met and I’ll mention others who have websites you can go check out that I’ll put their respective links up so you can go check them out. You have to go check them out, actually.

Thanks, Chuck Wendig. I’ve only read one of your books, but I’ve got another sitting in my “Read This Before You Die” list and I’ll undoubtedly add more to it. You’re not afraid to say the things that need to be said and it’s with a grimace I say that’s a rare trait that still exists as we tip toe toward 2015. You’ll probably never read this Chuck, but I hope you keep doin’ you. Oh yeah, go check him out at http://www.terribleminds.com!

Thanks,  Adam Christopher. I’ve read two or three of your books now but I’m saying thanks because you (and this applies to ol’ Chuck up there as well), aren’t afraid to respond to people out there in the world. Some authors are so popular I’m sure they receive a bajillion messages a day, but they literally don’t respond to anyone! You, Mr. Christopher, I don’t think you’ve never NOT responded! Appreciating your fans goes a long, long way. You can check him out at http://www.adamchristopher.co.uk.

Now make 2015 the year of ruthlessness. Take a hold of your dreams. Starve all your fears and seize everything you’ve ever wanted. Bonne journee.

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