Showing Star Wars a Little Literary Love

Week 3: The Jedi Path and The Book of The Sith by Daniel Wallace

Understandably, I’m a few days late on this, but I did finish these two books — however short they may be — on time. I swear!

The first thing I’d like to comment on these two books is how immaculately and forcefully they stay true to the character of the Star Wars universe. You know when you open a book and there’s some publishing information, perhaps a few excerpts from reviews, a page “For..” such and such, not here! The first page in the Jedi Path is commentary from Luke Skywalker about the contents of the book as well as the reasoning the pages themselves are lined with the handwriting of voices of an era past. There is writing in these books, characterized by their own unique penmanship and signature of characters like Emperor Sidious, who presumably found the text after Order 66, Qui-Gon Jinn, who handed it to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and even Yoda.

The Jedi Path is the handbook to everything you need to know about being a Jedi in the Star Wars universe, from a Jedi, to a potential Jedi. They go in depth on the Jedi Code, the Force, there are entire chapters dedicated to lightsaber construction and what style of lightsaber fighting best suits you. (I’d probably be Form III, Soresu. Defense for the win).

The latter half of the book is a manual dedicated to making you, the reader the most effective Jedi you can be. Diplomacy, dealing with exotic and deadly flora and fauna on certain worlds in the galaxy. Resources you can utilize to help keep the peace on your next assignment in the Outer Rim.

Even if you’ve no knowledge of the Expanded Universe, the in depth look of the Star Wars universe via literature and comics, this book is a breath of fresh air if you adore the Star Wars universe. Go read it, right now. *Jedi hand wave*

Now, to the Dark Side!

The Path of the Sith is a bit tougher, even for someone who is well versed on the Star Wars universe. The first complexity is that this is not a single book, but a compilation of strung together texts that have been made into a single manual. Each book has a different writer, a Sith Lord from a different time frame. While I won’t spoil it, I will admit that if you have never played Star Wars: The Old Republic you will not know who two of the six writers are, and if you’ve never watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon, you’ll be mystified as to why one of the writers is not a Sith Lord at all.

The Path of the Sith is the ultimate manifesto for becoming a dark sider, but it’s more a historical tool than it is a practical one. Approximately 70% of the book is history on the Sith, and sprinkled within are practical tools on how to best force choke your way to the title of Darth.

I enjoyed the different perspectives, whereas in the Path of the Jedi there is a single unifying voice, here you can feel how one Sith’s opinions greatly differed on another. This book also is pockmarked with individual writing from those who once held the books. Characters like Mace Windu, Emperor Sidious and Darth Vader are some of the characters that offer commentary in this book. The comments here are much rarer here, which is something I really enjoyed from the Path of the Jedi.

That being said however, I feel that if you were to read one of these books, the universe at large would require you to read the other — if only to keep the cosmic balance. I read a third book this week, the Bounty Hunters Code, which I’ll be speaking about in my next post later today. For those that prefer a blaster to a lightsaber, you’ll want to come back for that.

Now I’m asking you, Daniel Wallace. Will we see a Smuggler’s Codex, perhaps? Or an Imperial Stormtrooper Field Manual? I’ll get back to you on that.

Bonne jounée, mes amis.

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