Theo’s State of the Union Address

GUNSLINGER is finished. Sort of.

You don’t even know what GUNSLINGER is. It’s my baby. My first born. My first novel.

“Writing a novel is hard,” is something I would have said before I wrote my first novel. Now that I have, I’d probably change it up to “Writing a novel is really fuckin’ terrible, man.” That’s not to say I didn’t love it (and also hate it), but that it is a ubiquitously unique experience that I think only those who have successfully finished a novel have ever had the (mis)fortune of feeling. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t career ending (LOL @ my career), because I’m already working on a similarly sized anthology that I plan to self-publish beside GUNSLINGER and some ideas kicking around for my second novel.

So, let’s talk GUNSLINGER. It’s finished, but so unfinished. I’ve completed the actual writing, but it requires the natural abundance of editing. I’ve decided however to simply let the manuscript sit in the proverbial digital drawer for thirty or so days until I come back to it. Let my mind work on other things, so to speak. However, I have thus dedicated this post to shedding some light on what exactly GUNSLINGER is about a brief synopsis of the plot for those who might be interested.

GUNSLINGER is a futuristic science fiction thriller that follows Casimir Morales, a member of the IBC, Interplanetary Bounty Commission. As humanity has already terraformed and colonized nearly every square inch of the solar system, tracking criminals and fugitives has become something much larger and more delicate a matter than normal planetary law enforcement can afford to handle. The IBC acts as a sort of interplanetary police force, capable of transcending different planetary laws in order to capture deadly and wanted criminals. Casimir has been doing this for a long, and he’s damn good at it.

On the eve of retirement, Casimir decides to take on one final bounty with his long time partner Sasha. However, when things go awry, Cas sees everything taken from him in the blink of an eye. He loses everything and realizes that in order to find himself, his life, and his way again, he must go after the most wanted man in the entire solar system. A man wanted for so long that hunters have simply stopped pursuing him, as every hunter that does ends up in their own coffin. Cas will need the help of someone who has nothing to lose in order to track this man down and claim the bounty.

After many revisions, miniature edits and many long nights and headaches, she stands finished, though not completed. I will be seeking beta readers, which means I want you to read it and criticize it as thoroughly (and hopefully constructively) as you wish! That’s all for now, folks.

Bonne journée mes amis.

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