What I Thought: GET A LITERARY AGENT by Chuck Sambuchino

I’m not even going to keep recording the week any longer. I’m so far behind. BUT THIS IS WEEK 8 IN CASE YOU WANT TO KNOW (Which would put me at the end of February. Ugh).


Not everything I read will be fiction by new authors, though I certainly enjoy promoting that type of work. This work comes from a man well known over at Writer’s Digest, a humor writer and a guy who just overall knows about the written word. Chuck Sambuchino pops up on my Twitter timeline quite often over at Writer’s Digest and is the sole reason I ever sought to even investigate any of his writing at all.

This book is a strict, how to guide on navigating the labyrinth that is acquiring an agent, utilizing that agent in a meaningful way, developing the relationship and ensuring that both parties benefit from the fullest. The work also explores query letters, query e-mails, communicating with agents, how best to find them and even explicit agent feedback that Chuck has presumably collected himself.

Having not yet braved the waters of querying agents (well.. there was this one time, but I won’t get into that!), this book to me is “Preparing for Querying 101: How to Survive Your First Rejections,” because Chuck (and the quoted agents in the pages of this book) assure the reader over and over that rejections will come, and they’re just part of the game. Have no fear Chuck, I have steeled myself for the inevitable rejections to come.

Chuck writes concisely, and every word is intentional and informative. The first third of the book actually seems like a bonus because it’s a how to guide on creating a manuscript worth reading, as opposed to assuming you had a worthy manuscript the second you flipped open the book and were well on your way to acquiring a literary agent! Much of the information Chuck pens here is elsewhere on the internet, like any book, I suppose; but Chuck categorizes it appropriately and interestingly witty.

Though my manuscript for my science fiction novel LAST SHOT is still a ways out from being complete, I feel that when the time comes, I’ll be that much more prepared when to find the right literary agent to represent my work and I.

That’s all for now. Next week I’ll be finishing a book by a personal favorite of mine, the public speaker Eric Thomas.

Bonne journée, mes amis.

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