What I Thought: GREATNESS IS UPON YOU by Eric Thomas

Alright. This one is special. Today I’m sharing my thoughts not on a novel, but a different kind of book.

Today I’m introducing you to a mentor of mine and his name is Eric Thomas.

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on a book called GREATNESS IS UPON YOU.

Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker, minister and entrepreneur who literally went from rags to mostly riches. I found out about Eric Thomas while wondering the vast and endless avenues of YouTube. Eric Thomas, before ever becoming an author, was much more than that and something that I think is owed some foretelling before I jump into the actual book.

The motivational speaker I know as Eric Thomas grew up homeless after running away from home. Homeless. He slept in abandoned buildings. He ate out of trash cans. Homeless. Eric Thomas eventually found a home, the love of a good woman and acquired his GED several years after dropping out of high school. He started a program to help students better their chance of going to college in a pseudo tutoring program and this was where Eric Thomas learned about his passion to help and inspire others.

Eric was given a fellowship at Michigan State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree, all the while building up his own motivational empire. As of now, Eric Thomas has finished his dissertation for a PhD and is currently writing his third book. GREATNESS IS UPON YOU is his second book, and a much stronger one than his first book—SECRET TO SUCCESS.

Now, to the book!

GREATNESS IS UPON YOU is a book of self realization. The book is loaded with ideas both common sense and of individually unique origin from Eric Thomas. The book is over twenty chapters long and many chapters often break down ideas that build upon each other as you move through the book. He identifies ideas such as “Victor vs Victim” and “Lion (the go-getter) vs the Crocodile (passive).” These ideas are extrapolated on with stories from Eric Thomas’ own life, or the life of others around him, proving that his knowledge can easily be made practical.

The book cover and the art that outlines the end of every chapter is absolutely exquisite and I applaud whatever team put the book together. The criticism I’ll offer here is that through the book, we’ll say—once a chapter—there exists a single grammatical error that takes you right out of the book. Frugal as he is, I imagine that Eric Thomas either edited the book himself, or he paid for sub par editing and got exactly what he paid for. That being said, as someone who read his previous book, SECRET TO SUCCESS, I’ll note that the editing has taken a very legitimate step up. This book is a much more professional rendition of what I know Eric Thomas to be capable of.

Words and grammar aside, the ideas that leak from the very seams of this book are worth looking at. The book has jump started my 2015 and I put the book down only because other obligations forced my hand. I’m glad I finally finished the book because the final chapters bring everything around to the forefront. The stories that Eric Thomas tells, the motivations that he conveys are all so electric that once you put the book down (maybe to go to sleep), you find yourself amped up and ready to get something done.

Do yourself a favor.

Read this book.

Bonne journée, mes amis.

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