A Man’s Unimportant Opinion About A Podcast

There exists innumerable reasons that Twitter has—and forever will—possess my unending affection as a powerful method of acquiring ideas. Like a food sampler, Twitter exists as a Lazy Susan of sorts, offering me grand and minutely sized details each and every day I scroll it’s infinite timeline. These ideas infect me quite frequently and I’ve felt possessed to spread this infection unto you.

Twitter is not so dichotomous as to exist in a simple black and white notion, but comes quite sincerely in a rainbow of different cliques. I am, by no choice of my own, attached first and foremost to the very succinct and basic opposite of “black twitter,” which would be white twitter. Allow me to be the first to tell you: white twitter is boring. Favorites are handed out like cars on the Opera show, retweets are reserved for the 10k+ club and @’ing someone you don’t personally know to criticize or challenge their opinion often results in the very ubiquitous “Do I even know you (bro)?” Parenthesis added if you are a male.

Black twitter on the other hand is an amusement park of laughter, strong minded opinions and an otherwise open minded culture that I attempt—poorly, at best—to be apart of. Overlooking the very sullen and disturbing fact that every day on Black Twitter will often have you soaking in the details of another lost life at the hands of a law enforcement officer, it is much more than that. There exists a certain glue, an ethereal fabric that does not exist within any other clique of the Twittersphere that I can neither quantify nor measure, but it is in some form tangible.

There are a handful of Twitter users—dare I say, personalities—that once followed, open your timeline into a much greater world. These followers are given a shout out at the end of this post for purposes of terseness. The subject of this penning however is not any of these users at all, but rather the product of several of them: a podcast. The NWAP, or Negros With a Podcast.

This episode, named simply for it’s categorical number is 47. I listened mostly out of intrigue and a lack of new material during my workout and I will say I was impressed. This will not be a critique, rebuttal or examination of any of the matter covered on the podcast but rather my own opinion on the podcast as a whole. From the jump one must be impressed with the NWAP crew by establishing themselves and bringing forth the first of several topics five minutes into an 80 minute show. Let me be clear when I say this: that’s why I’m fucking listening.

When I (and I would say many others) tune into a podcast, I don’t want to hear about your cold, or why your voice sounds like gravel shaking in a cup or your long, overworked weekend. I don’t care. The assembled gentlemen here waste very little time in beginning the discussion, all of which are contemporary socio-political issues, many of which derive from past Twitter discussions. Good on you, I say to them.

The men arrayed on this podcast are well versed, articulate and thoughtful of the other members opinions. They are easily champions of an unfortunately very well underrepresented distinction within the African American community and their inevitable popularity is easier gestured than predicating rain with thunder on the horizon. I may never listen again—for reasons that my own phone is used mostly for Twitter and not music/podcasts—but I was glad I gave it a go at least once.

Bonne journée, mes amis.

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