My Book, ROGUE COSMOS is Available Now!

It’s here! Actually, it was here yesterday! [insert sadface here]

My first book, a collection of science fiction short stories, ROGUE COSMOS, is now available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon!


Here’s a tidbit to catch your interest:

Criminals—they’re here today and they’ll be here tomorrow. ROGUE COSMOS is a collection of seven short stories about criminals in the far future, from a train heist to a man who preys on beautiful women. Included are HALF A TRILLION, in which a trio of brothers attempt to negotiate a hostage swap and TRAIN 714, a suspenseful heist of a fast moving gravity train. See a young criminal take his first steps when Jasper Lockette does anything to prove that he’s the fastest gunslinger around in NO SURVIVORS. See if martian drug runner Casper can escape the clutches of a hunter from the Interplanetary Bounty Commission in TRAPPED. These stories go from high stakes to heart racing—from gun toting mercenaries to knife wielding femme fatales.

You can pick it up at here:

If you pick it up, whether you love it or HATE it, a review be nothing short of a remarkable blessing.

Bonne journée, mes amis.

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