The Hunger Games isn’t Just a Successful Book Series, It’s an American Reality

Over the weekend, while perusing my Twitter timeline feed, I saw the video attached below. If you’ve not seen it, watch it now. It’s recorded at a Wal-Mart, between a man–presumably the father of the toddler in the cart–and a woman. Here’s your opportunity to watch the video:

This article won’t be an explanation between the wastefulness of government spending. The contrast and proportionality of social welfare spending versus military spending. Even a minute amount of research will lead you to the conclusion that a significantly less amount of your taxed dollars go toward social welfare programs than those that go toward building new weapons of mass destruction. Instead, I want to unwrap the idea of the reality of the American Hunger Games.

There is a very sincere cultural identity that exists in the United States that does not exist anywhere else. It’s umbilical is anchored to the American Dream. The idea that with enough perspiration, you can make it big. The hierarchical food chain is a linear totem pole. There is a bottom, soiled and lazy, they’ll say, that you must never be slip into. Near the top, with the millionaires and billionaires, is what we must all aspire to. Here is the added caveat, here’s what the lady in the video is inadvertently admitting we must all do, and are ultimately all guilty of: we must look down upon those who cling to the rungs below us on the totem pole.

The lady in the video not only admonishes the man for being on food stamps–she despises the idea. This form of socialism isn’t fair, she admits, as they “take it out of her check every month.” Again, I’m overlooking the fact this woman most likely drove her car on roads paved with money that was taken out of YOUR check every month. Instead, unwrap what she’s saying.

“You’re beneath me, so I’ll attack you,” as no doubt those above her must also attack her. This woman, for all her complaining about the man in front of her using food stamps paid for by her own dollar, is also shopping at fucking Wal-Mart. This isn’t the suave millionaire thumbing his nose at the beat up Honda civic from the cockpit of a Ferrari. This is someone taking their best shot at someone who is just a peg down. Mocking someone in a wheelchair from crutches. This is the reality of the American Hunger Games.

There is no cooperation here. It’s a competition. If you have to use food stamps to stay afloat, I’m already ahead of you. This conversation expands further, explaining in easily discernible words why the rampant divergence in ideology exists with very few changes coming. This lady isn’t the only one who harbors such ill will toward socialized welfare programs, but I would almost bet you my savings account that beyond her rant here, she’ll expend very little effort to improve the problem she perceives. This is a zero sum game. Nobody wins.

Bonne journées, mes amis.


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